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Maybe a good way to learn more about Santa Fe would be to take a ghost tour. Not only could I learn the rich history of Santa Fe, but I could also get a good scare. On Allan Wheeler’s paranormal treks, historical yarns and macabre tales fill sightseers’ ears as tours pass through some of the famous “haunted” places of Santa Fe. As the oldest town in America, Santa Fe is overrun with legends from colonial days to modern times.

Wheeler spins tales of the Santa Fe Trail, the conquistadors, gunfights, the Indian Wars, the Atomic Bomb Mayhem, Billy the Kid, the Wild West, lynchings, and the ghost of La Llorona. As the author of “Santa Fe: Mayhem & Paranormal Guide,” he is quite the expert of our spooky history, and calls the tour “a journey back in time,” exploring the folk tales of the Pueblos, Spanish settlers, and the Wild West. “The Lost Graveyard” and “The Black Dahlia: Santa Fe Version” are just two of the hair-raising legends Wheeler shares. “The Oldest House in Santa Fe” and “La Posada” are sure to stimulate the historically-minded. It feels like Halloween and history class all at once!

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